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Linking existing products on Shopee

There are 2 ways to link existing products:

  • Mass Action: Link all products (recommended for initial onboarding)
  • Bulk Action: Link selected products

Mass Action

All existing products on Shopee can be linked with Shopify by using SKU info. Product with matching SKU will be linked.


  1. Ensure that the SKU has been set for your products on both Shopify and Shopee
  2. Go to Products page using the top navigation
  3. Click Mass Action button at the top right corner, click Link All Products and select Shopee for the channel
  4. Click Start button to initiate the linking process

Email notification will be sent after the linking process is completed.

Bulk Action

Linking selected products will be done by using Shopee product ID


  1. Go to Products page using the top navigation
  2. Find the products that you would like to link to Shopee by using the filters or search function
  3. Select the products to be linked by ticking the checkboxes
  4. Click Link to Existing on Marketplace from the bulk action button, and select Shopee for the channel
  5. Input Shopee product ID
  6. Click Link button

Note: If your product has variants, Osco will try to match the variants by using variant titles. Therefore, the variant titles must be the same between Shopify and Shopee.

Select products to link to Marketplace

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