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Definition of each sync status

There are different sync statuses on Osco to indicate how the products are linked between Shopify and Marketplace

  • Unsynced: this means the product is not synced to Marketplace channel
  • Synced: this means the product is fully synced to Marketplace channel
  • Sync in progress: this is the status after products are added to Marketplace while it’s being processed

There are also a few cases whereby the status might be shown below

  • Synced (inventory only): For Lazada, it is possible to get this status for products with variants if variants are not using Lazada’s predefined variant attribute. When this happens, only price and inventory can be synced. Other attributes or new variants will no longer be synced.
  • Sync error: this means there is some issue when trying to sync the products between Shopify and Marketplace channel. Contact our support at [email protected] if you encounter this issue.

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