Setting up Osco

After you install Osco and select one of the plans, you’ll be redirected to Settings page where you can setup the connection as well as how you would like Osco to sync your products.

Below are the steps that you can follow to setup Osco:

  1. Connect your Tokopedia shop
    You can find the details of how to connect your Tokopedia shop on this article.
  2. Select the Shopify location
    This will be the Shopify location that will be used for syncing inventory between Shopify and Tokopedia.
  3. Select product attributes to be synced
    You can choose the list attributes that you would like to sync between Shopify and Tokopedia. Note that inventory and variants syncing will always be enabled.
  4. Select the default product category and subcategory
    This will be the default category and subcategory when adding products to Tokopedia. But you can override and change this for each individual product later when you’re in the process of adding products to Tokopedia.
  5. Add or link products to Tokopedia
    For this step, click Products on the top navigation. You can either add products which will create new products on Tokopedia, or link existing products if you already have existing products on Tokopedia.
  6. (Optional) Import Order into Shopify
    You can go back to Settings page to enable this if you would like to import orders from Tokopedia into Shopify. Customer contact information will also be imported into Shopify. We recommend to complete this step after adding or linking products to Tokopedia.

That’s all! Now Osco will keep your Tokopedia products and inventory updated whenever there is an update on Shopify. Orders from Tokopedia will also automatically update the inventory on Shopify as well.

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